About Us

Chequers, nestled in the equisite town of Aspen, Colorado specializes in furniture, antiques, luxury gifts and extraordinary accessories for the home. For over 23 years, Chequer’s buyers have traveled the world to bring our customers the finest in home furnishings.

When Becky Dumeresque opened Chequers in December of 1993, Valentino and his partner Giancarlo came in to the store.  Upon looking around, Valentino said “now, this is a store!” Becky, the owner of Chequers describes this moment as “a blessing from the pope”.  Chequers continues to carry high quality lines that customers seek and stays current with the change in trends.  Fashion changes but style endures!

Chequers looks at scale and proportion, style, color and layering to give our customers options to choose from.  Accessories are selected with a design for living in mind.  Furniture is custom and exclusive. We work with small upholsterers to offer excellent craftsmanship to our brand.  Chequers has foragers in Europe and England who find unique pieces that helps mold the store.

Chequers is located at 520 East Cooper Avenue in Aspen, Colorado. Becky Dumeresque (owner) and her sales team continues to keep up with fashion and trends in the world of interiors as Chequers collective style endures.